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Dec 11, 2015

Alisa Belzer, Associate Professor at Rutgers University and Amy Pickard, Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University talk with Social Media Coordinator Dr. Geleana Drew Alston about their article in Adult Education Quarterly. The article "From Heroic Victims to Competent Comrades: Views of Adult Literacy Learners in the...

Dec 3, 2015

Dr. Christopher Roberts, Professor at University of Washington and music teacher at Seattle's St. Joesph School, discusses his recent article about situational interest in music classes with JRME Editor Steve Morrison.


Oct 20, 2015

Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Dan Isbell about his article discussing studies that provide information on the decision to become a music teacher, the early socialization of music teachers, the culture within schools of music, and models of music teacher...